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History of our Congregation: 

Our congregation has its roots going back to

1952 when a few families began meeting in a

small civic club building in the Houston Heights

neighborhood. The collection on that first

Lord's Day was $27.09!  In July of 1954 a 10 day

tent meeting was held on N. Main Street. 

Many people sat on their front porches listening

to the singing and teaching.  In 1955 a building

was purchased on Aurora Street, also in the

Heights, for a total of $3,500.  There were no

indoor bathrooms, no parking lot,

no air-conditioning, and no foyer; just a simple

white frame building later furnished with pews,

a pulpit and a communion table.

Some remodeling was done over the years.

Numerous gospel meetings were conducted

using preachers from all over the country. 

A number of weddings and many baptisms were

performed in that building and many fond

memories were made.

 In 1990 the congregation decided to relocate and a building fund was started. The fund grew steadily and, in the summer of 1997, the decision was made to sell the building at 800 Aurora St. and move to a new location. The property sold quickly, and on September 28, 1997 the last service was held in that building. The congregation now had nowhere to meet, so they rented the VFW hall off Airline Drive on Sundays, and met in private homes on Wednesday nights. Finally, after much searching, a plot of land was purchased on Fairbanks N. Houston Rd. Soon the land was cleared, plans for a new building were in place, and construction began.  The building was completed and the first service was held in December of 1999, thus beginning the Fairbanks Church of Christ.  People have come and gone, but the Church in this place is still strong after all these years. We have a rich history, and we now have the chance and the ability Lord willing to bring many more souls to Christ.

The congregation currently supports mission work in 5 countries spanning the continents of North America, South America and Asia. 

Our current membership is ethnically, economically, and educationally diverse.  But we are all Christians and we love each other like one big happy family!   We sincerely hope you will visit us soon!

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