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Lord's Supper

During every Sunday morning worship service, we participate in the communion, remembering the death of our Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 20:7;1 Corinthians 11:23-26). In accordance with the scriptural pattern, a man takes one loaf of unleavened bread, gives thanks and blesses it, breaks off a piece, and then passes the loaf to the rest of the congregation so that each member may partake by breaking off a piece and eating. He then takes the cup containing grape juice, gives thanks and blesses it, takes a drink, and passes it to the rest of the congregation to drink from (Mark 14:23). We acknowledge the words of Christ concerning the spiritual significance of each element used in the communion. We understand the loaf to represent His sacrificial body (Luke 22:20) and the cup containing the fruit of the vine to represent the New Covenant in His blood (Luke 22:19). People who come to visit us sometimes wonder whether they should partake of the communion. Anyone who is not a member of the church should not feel obligated to participate in the Lord’s Supper.

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